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Leech 825 Kokomo For Sale

The L825 Kokomo is for sale.


Contact Dan Leech for details:


Ph 027 306 2423

Leech OK Dinghy wins Interdominions

Luke O'Connell wins the 2018 Interdominions & Nationals champs in his Leech OK dinghy.

Dan Slater a close second also sailing his Leech OK dinghy.

L750 wins Surf To City yacht race

Graham Sherring and crew on the Leech 750 sport boat Retuned won the Surf To City yacht race in Queensland on line, SMS, PHFR and overall from about 50 boats.



L875 Power Cat

The new L875 Power Cat hits the water in Lyttelton, NZ.

L875 Power Cat

Engines all fitted up on the new L875 power cat.

Leech boats win St Helena Cup

The L 750 SB and L 650 TY won the St Helena Cup this weekend in Queensland Australia. It's a team racing regatta with three boats per team. The two Leech boats got 1st and 2nd on handicap for day two. The L750 SB was the individual winner for the weekend.