Dan Leech Naval Architecture


L875 Power Cat

The finishing touches completed on the L875 power cat.

L925 Semi Displacement Power Cat

MG Composites from Wellington is progressing well on this new L925 Semi Displacement Power Cat build. This is the second L925 to be built.

New Leech Paper Tiger

Stu Taylor has just launched his new kitset cnc Leech Paper Tiger. In only his second regatta he finished 4th in the Australian / New Zealand 2018 Interdominions. He said there is still plenty of performance to come from the boat once it is fully tuned up.

The boat is built using a cnc cut female jig and all hull, deck and bulkhead panels are cnc computer cut and the boat is built in a kitset type build system, basically the same concept as the Leech OK dinghy.

Leech OK Dinghy wins Interdominions

Luke O'Connell wins the 2018 Interdominions & Nationals champs in his Leech OK dinghy.

Dan Slater a close second also sailing his Leech OK dinghy.

L750 wins Surf To City yacht race

Graham Sherring and crew on the Leech 750 sport boat Retuned won the Surf To City yacht race in Queensland on line, SMS, PHFR and overall from about 50 boats.



L875 Power Cat

The new L875 Power Cat hits the water in Lyttelton, NZ.