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Leech 925 Power Cat

This boat is the next step up from the L825. The L925 has a huge accommodation and will be very comfortable for extended periods of time on board.

The L925 was designed for a couple whose children have grown up and left home, so the main purpose of the boat was to make it very comfortable for a couple.

The proven cnc cut kitset build system makes for a very accurate build while reducing build hours considerably making for a very fast and efficient build.

Link to Boating New Zealand review   Dan Leech L925 Power Cat ~ Boating NZ


‘When I first began planning my next boat I planned to design it myself as I had done in the past. While doing research for my design I saw the L825 design in a magazine and after much posturing finally decided to give Dan a call. Our first couple of conversations on the phone went so well that we agreed to a new design for the L925. It was all too easy. Preliminary drawings and images were promptly available for viewing.

The final design was exactly as discussed and the benefit of the cut file in saving time and enhancing accuracy far exceeded my expectations. The cost of the kitset cutting was negligible. The hull panels were all extremely accurate and everything fitted perfectly. I will never loft another boat.

Dan is very pleasant and easy to talk to and his background as a top sailor and boat builder brings an approach and understanding to the design process that is both professional and practical. I am a self-taught home boat builder and have built several boats from various designers but this project stands tall as the most satisfying due to its designed simplicity and detailing, and easy and prompt communication with an enthusiastic designer.

Congratulations on a great design and thank you Dan’.

Bob de Fluiter – Owner of the L925 – Tauranga New Zealand

Principal dimensions

  • Principal Dimensions
  • LOA 9.25m (excluding bow sprit)
  • BOA 3.35m
  • WL 7.55m
  • Draft 0.48m (engines up)


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